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Room Kerama comprises of 1 Double Bed or 2 Twin Beds, 2 Bedside Tables, a Desk & Chair. The room is furnished with wall to wall carpeting, trendy furnishings and a balcony.

Our ultramodern glass bathroom is equipped with hairdryer, magnifying shaving and make up mirror as well as all the amenities you could possible need during your stay.

A Complimentary Bottle of Wine, Fresh Fruit and Mineral Water, are provided on arrival. Electric current: 220 Volts. Smoking rooms & inter-connecting rooms are also available.

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Miễn phí ăn sáng
Tivi internet
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từ 585,000đ/night
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  • Adult(280đ)
  • Children(245đ)
  • Vip services(175đ)

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